Who's Your Wonderwoman?

What's your strength or superpower?

If you could create a supergirl or super woman, what powers would she have?

At the screening of Grrls' Literary Activism short film Her Powers. And Ours, Kore asked the audience to name Wonderwomen in their lives. Here's the Shero List:

Brenda Limón, Harriet Tubman


Gabby Giffords, Martha B. Hopkins, Jeanette Winterson

Madeleine Albright

Shaun, my mom

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Frida Kahlo

Margaret Atwood

My mother 1920-2011

Rosa Parks

Josie Berger

Marsha, the mother who sewed Wonder Woman costumes for Literary Activist Grrls

Nagako, my mom

Amy Bhola, my mom

Barb Krause, my mom

Alva B. Torre

Faye Aagard

Ms. Smith, Fiona Davey

Delen, Baby loa S

Emma Blauer

Krista Millay

Hillary Clinton

Kendra Davey, because she had the courage to stand alone from her family for what she believed, and she constantly shows me I can be whatever I want.

Janet Mancott

Judy Clinco

Diane Fausett, my mom

Ellie, my grandmother

Terry Medina, my godmother

María Curie-Sklodowska

Dr. Katherine Corbeille, because she was my mother's doctor. She would/could explain medical things (when there were still very few women doctors), Martha Griffiths, fearless woman attorney who is member of Congress, 1st woman member of the House Ways and Means Committee, and Governor of Michagan, and Dr. Chindi Peavey, my daughter & Director of the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement District - a true scientist who deals with world health and overcoming diseases.

Susanna Studwell

Hillary Clinton

Donna Kaplan

Bonnie Maguire

Kirsten Long

Princess Leia

Tina Barnes

Laura Penny

Rosa Parks

Gabby Giffords

Suzi Hileman

Virginia Woolf

Ginia Desmond

Diana Chapman Kamilli, my wife and mentor

Bonnie Maguire, my mom, and Heather Eplay, my sister

My mom

Bobbie Meixner

Maya Angelou

Jane Cyr

Sylvia Schramm, my mom, RIP

Pam Grissom, my mom

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Arlene and Sandy, because they are great human beings and not "just" women.

Catherine Mary Perreault, mom

Bonnie Maguire

Cecile Richards

Margaret Sanger

We also asked newsletter readers; here are their Sheros:

Andrea England said,

"My super heroine is my daughter Mary. She is only seven years old but she has supported me while I was very ill, getting divorced, finding new love, and taking on a PhD. I wouldn't be who I am if not for her continued strength and smiles. She is also a lover of super heroes and made superhero halloween costumes. Her name is Mary England."

Diana Rhoades said,

"I would like to nominate several wonder women in my life... Regina Romero, Pam Sutherland, and Kim Rhoades."

Sarah Neal said,

"Please add Sharon McCurry to you list: she is the most wonderest, wonder woman ever."


Who is your shero?

Email her name to wonderwomen@korepress.org and we'll add her to the heroine list.