2012 Tumamoc Hill-a-thon, April 1-30th


Like a challenge for a good cause (YOU and Kore Press)? Get in shape and raise money for women's words! During the 30 days of April a team of walkers will summit Tumamoc Hill, in Tucson, as many times as they can, and together with their sponsors, raise money to help keep women's voices heard. Each climber's challenge will be to raise $300-$400 by walking Tumamoc Hill and to reach their own personal goal. My goal is to climb the summit 20 times (covering 60+ miles); my approach is to ask 25 friends to pledge $1/climb ($20/person).

Will you join me? We can strengthen our legs, hearts and lungs AND help Kore Press mentor the next generation of women writers and publish women's and transgender voices.


How do I sign-up as a walker-fundraiser? Send us an e-mail. You will in turn receive a pledge form, rules for walking the hill (hours of operation, rules of the trail, etc), tips on how to get sponsors.

How far will I walk? The hill is 3.13 miles out and back, and gets a little steep at the top. Set a goal for yourself that is high enough to be challenging yet imaginable within 30 days.

How do I find sponsors? Social media and email makes asking friends, family, colleagues, teachers, neighbors EASY! You can approach people who want to see you succeed in reaching your walking goals. Figure out how many times you will climb and see how many sponsors you'll need to reach your financial goal. People can sponsor you by the mile, by the number of climbs, or maybe by the whole effort. Set the amount you ask for and the number of miles you wish to cover within reach, but don't limit yourself!

How can I reach my goal? Here's some math examples to think about: 20 miles at $1/mile, you'll need 20 sponsors; 10 climbs at $3/climb you'll need about 10 sponsors; or, maybe you'll find 5 folks to pledge $100 ea for your whole challenge!


All WALKERS and SPONSORS will be recognized on the Kore Press website. You can follow our walkers and post your own thoughts and photos on the 2012 Hill-a-thon blog.

If you post your walking schedules and goals, fans around the country can cheer us on!

Questions? contact lisa@korepress.org.

Thank you for supporting women's words! Climb on, and see you on the Hill!

--Lisa Bowden, Publisher/Walker

To sponsor a walker and make a 100% tax deductible donation to Kore Press,

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