Kore Biters is a monthly interview series that highlights the writing and literary activism of women writers who are transgressive and transformative.

by Arisa White and Rosebud Ben-Oni

Skin. Muscle. Bone. Minal Hajratwala on Bountiful Instructions

Minal Hajratwala: "I am a fairy godmother, and also an onion-peeler, and also a masseuse. I work with a lot of women, queers, survivors, people of color, immigrants, people whose stories the world works to silence. The other day a client asked for a visualization to protect her from the negative thoughts that deluge her as she tries to writes. I talked her through the geological layers of the body: skin, muscle, bone. The bones are where we hold shame; the muscles are where we hold tension; the skin is the boundary between ourselves and the world. We created a golden layer of light above her skin, a kind of protection spell."

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A Community Chorus for
January 8th

Kore Press put a call out to the writing community in the weeks following the Tucson shooting on 1-8-11. US Representative Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others were shot, and six people died (including federal District Court Chief Judge John Roll; Gabe Zimmerman, one of Rep. Giffords' beloved staffers; and nine-year-old Christina-Taylor Green) during a constituent meeting held in a supermarket parking lot. A selection of the notes, reflections, poems, prose, letters, lyrics and visual works submitted to Kore in response can be seen here.


Notes From The Motherfield is a monthly curated column of fieldnotes and writings of various shapes and durations by motherwriters.

Living In-Between

by Shefali Milczarek-Desai

I was on the phone with my parents pronouncing my sons' Indian names with a Gujarati accent when my five-year old son loudly corrected me, "Mommy! It's not 'Saagr' it's 'Saww|ger'!"  His harsh American drawl accentuated and apparent in his corrections to my softly flowing Gujarati. I tried explaining that there were two ways to say his name - the American way daddy said it and the Indian way I said it. But he was furious. He angrily instructed me never to mispronounce his name again. SEE FULL ESSAY HERE

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Tracie Morris to judge

Kore's 2015 First Book Award

April 30, 2015 deadline


contest details here

$1500 prize plus trade book publication

Tracie Morris is a poet who has worked extensively as a page-based writer, sound poet, critic, scholar, bandleader, actor and multimedia performer. Her sound installations have been presented at the Whitney Biennial, MoMA, Ronald Feldman Gallery, The Silent Barn, The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, The Drawing Center, The Gramsci Monument with Thomas Hirshhorn for the DIA Foundation and other galleries and museums. Tracie presents her work extensively as a poet, performer and scholar around the globe and has presented, performed and researched in almost 30 countries and 37 US States. Tracie is Professor and Coordinator of Performance Studies at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York. 


Roxane Gay is judging

Kore's 2015 Short Fiction Award


contest details here
$1250 prize plus limited edition chapbook and e-publication

Roxane Gay’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Best American Mystery Stories 2014, Best American Short Stories 2012, Best Sex Writing 2012, A Public Space, McSweeney’s, Tin House, Oxford American, American Short Fiction, West Branch, Virginia Quarterly Review, NOON, The New York Times Book Review, Bookforum, Time, The Los Angeles Times, The Nation, The Rumpus, Salon, and many others. She is the co-editor of PANK. She is also the author of the books Ayiti, An Untamed State, Bad Feminist, and Hunger, forthcoming from Harper in 2016. See more at



2014 First Book Award Winner

Monica Ong

"Silent Anatomies,"selected by Joy Harjo

due out March 1, 2015

Contest information here.


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Available March 1st

new poems by Laynie Browne

""The mysterious power of the scorpion, both animal and constellation, informs the complex emotions of wrenchingly ongoing departure in this beautiful collection of odes to distance, absence, connection, and memory. The scorpion is the "miniature vessel of time" that both poisons and heals: the gorgeous poetry around it is the "house of hope/constructed solely of words." In this world of departures, Browne allows us to "Say possibly nothing is forgotten."—Marcella Durand

$15.95, 7x7," 56 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN 978-1-888553-70-3


A poetic-visual hybrid by Monica Ong

2014 First Book Winner selected by Joy Harjo

" In her sardonic, thus melancholic, Silent Anatomies, Monica Ong brilliantly skews the marking of surfaces. Writing—yes—but also defacement/effacement, surgical incision, racism. With text, photography, collage, and illustration, she maps the twisting way of familial shame; dissects metaphor; and hawks (and hocks) “Ancient Chinese Secrets” as medicinal cakewalks (who’s selling what to whom?). Slippery."Douglas Kearney

$17.95, 7.5 x10," 96 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN 978-1-888553-69-7


A Parallel Life by Mary Byrne

Kore Short Fiction Winner


To Boil Water by Myha T. Do

Kore Short Fiction Winner


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