Pre-Order Letters to the Future

Pre-order sale of $30 for Letters to the Future: Black Women / Radical Writing is extended to August 17, 2018.  Place your order here.

Tucson will launch Letters to the Future on Thursday, October 11, 6pm, at Tucson Museum of Art, with readings and conversations with Dawn Lundy Martin, Erica Hunt, Ruth Ellen Kocher and giovanni singleton. The launch coincides with a micro-exhibit of the book in TMA’s community gallery and the exhibit of “30 Americans” in the Museum.

Edited by Erica Hunt and Dawn Lundy Martin

A collection of poems, essays, elder conversations, and visual works, Letters to the Future: Black WOMEN / Radical WRITING, celebrates temporal, spatial, formal, and linguistically innovative literature. The anthology collects late-modern and contemporary work by Black women from the United States, England, Canada, and the Caribbean—work that challenges readers to participate in meaning making. Because one contextual framework for the collection is “art as a form of epistemology,” the writing in the anthology is the kind of work driven by the writer’s desire to radically present, uncovering what she knows and does not know, as well as critically addressing the future.

Erica Hunt, in her introduction to the collection, says, “The future is a slippery project. What can it hold? We asked writers to write about it, imagining the future as the present conjugated—conjoining the past, the present with some other time. . . .”


Letters to the Future somehow manages to collect the uncollectible range and effect of what it is to bear the world and lay it bare. Hunt and Martin give us an unprecedented sample of black women writing on and over the edge of what language is supposed to do. Commune and experiment, violence and care, transgression and groove sit together with hyperkinetic ease, here, where kitchen table becomes chronal engine. If you wonder (at) where we’re going, turn the page—Fred Moten


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