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Cate Marvin

In New Hands What was your last bite? An “everything” bagel with veggie cream cheese from Bagels N’ Buns, a deli on Staten Island. Carb central.

Hoa Nguyên

Being projection-able What was your last bite? A nugget of raw cacao with blue green algae and dried goji berries

Denice Frohman

Playgrounds & Piraguas Poet, Activist, CantoMundo Fellow and native New Yorker Denice Frohman gets candid about privilege, otherness

Rae Gouirand

ALL the Way Open 1. What was your last bite? The girl who made me fried chicken and waffles for breakfast.

Lorna Dee Cervantes

Beginning with Her… 1. What was your last bite? Ja! It’s been so long I don’t remember. I bit my lover in California a little too hard