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Trailer Trash available for Pre-order

“Never be ashamed of where you come from.” You can now PRE-ORDER Kore’s 2016 First Book Award winner, Trailer Trash by July Westhale, for $12 through Feb 1, 2018 and get a signature Kore Press Sexy Brain temporary tattoo with your book! Regular price is $16.95. Order Trailer Trash for the holidays by Dec 15 and Kore

Tracie Morris Talks Back: Race, Sound, Power and Politics

NY Artist Returns to Tucson after 8-year Political Hiatus FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Kore Press Presents Race, Sound, Power and Politics Provocative Dinner Theater with Tracie Morris February 21, 2017 – TUCSON, AZ: Kore Press brings artist, actor, experimental vocalist and scholar, Tracie Morris to Tucson, after an 8-year political hiatus, that she, along with many other

UnSilencing Anatomies: Art, culture, justice & medicine: story-telling as transformation

Kore Press kicks off city-wide event series FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Art, Culture, Justice and Medicine   September 9, 2016 – TUCSON, AZ: Kore Press and the University of Arizona have joined forces to create a city-wide, 2-month long series of events exploring the impact of personal stories on public health and safety. “UnSilencing Anatomies” kick-off events