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Kore Press’ New Home at The Dunbar Pavilion

As of April 1, 2018, Kore Press’ new home will be inside The Dunbar Pavilion: An African-American Arts and Culture Center at 325 W. Second St. in Tucson. We are so thrilled and honored to align our work of keeping marginalized voices at the center with the Dunbar revitalization project, and to work with the

Refuge available for Pre-order

“The story we need to hear right now in the only voice that can tell it.”—Lidia Yuknavitch You can now PRE-ORDER Kore’s 2016 Memoir Award winner, Refuge, by Ming Holden, for $16.95, from Feb 1 – March 30, 2018 and get a signature Kore Press Sexy Brain temporary tattoo with your book! Regular price is $20.95. Books

Westhale Makes A Splash with Trailer Trash 

Kristy Lin Billuni Talks Trailer Trash with July Westhale at Sexy Grammar “KLB: I love the idea of poetry as access, an open door or a platform for people who normally get left out. JW: I’d argue that not only can poetry be the answer to erasure, but it indeed must be. KLB: So Trailer Trash is for everyone who feels

Trailer Trash Pre-ordering Has Closed

“Never be ashamed of where you come from.” Publication date is March 16, 2018. Order Trailer Trash here. Winner of 2016 Kore Press First Book Award, selected by Robin Coste Lewis Trailer Trash is a book about the cotton-country of Riverside County, Southern California, in1980s/90s. A book about poverty, ravaged landscape, and gender, it touches

Artist Interviews & Micro-Performances at KXCI Congress Street Studio

Kore Press and KXCI Congress Street, the new studio of Tucson’s nonprofit community radio station, are partnering to record live interviews, conversations, and micro performances by visiting artists who have contributed work to Kore’s forthcoming, groundbreaking anthology Letters to the Future: BLACK Women / RADICAL Writing (eds Erica Hunt, Dawn Lundy Martin), over 5-years in the making. The new studio provides