The Legacy Fund: Sustaining & Celebrating 30 Years

Kore Press Institute is one of the longest running intersectional feminist and literary organizations in the country. It is the only one that’s also been devoted to amplifying and celebrating all women’s and girls’ voices through education, publishing, and social practice arts using the power of language to create more just and radically connected communities.

A gift to the Legacy Fund will help KPI process, tend, and annotate 30 years of digital materials and printed matter to create public access and extend its ongoing impact. The Legacy Fund also provides critical support of daily operations, overhead and publishing, as a post-pandemic rebuild.

Can you become a monthly or annual investor in one of the country’s longest running feminist Presses today?

Among KPI’s good trouble has been 30 years of award-winning literary programming and community collaborations; live storytelling series for radical moms to tell their truths in artful and supported ways—Notes from the Motherfield; the Gender Diversity Initiative, which convened thinkers across-sectors to work toward systemic solutions for classroom and community safety for LGBTQ+ youth in Arizona; a 30 year literary publishing tradition dedicated to lifting up women, trans and gender-nonconforming writers who take risks; decades long engagements with youth development in the Grrls Literary Activism Workshop, the Listening Project, and the Social Justice Youth Summit; professional development offerings to educators like the anti-racist, culturally responsive pedagogy workshop with Letters to the Future, and, Gender Werk—training toward fluency and inclusivity in the classroom to make education safer for all learners. Extraordinary pandemic efforts involved a hard and fast, courageous pivot online with a lunch time story hour for children on FB Live to give parents a break; an online version of the Notes from the Motherfield; a national Mother’s Day video messaging project; and the critical collective protest in place effort made by an ensemble of KPI workers and partners to raise up the critical voices of black women writers during the summer of BLM movement, called Postcards to the Future.

A one-time or monthly gift at this post-pandemic, 30th anniversary moment will provide VITAL, sustaining support for basic overhead and operations, for archival legacy work, for technical support, and for publishing the 2 works currently in the pipeline. Help KPI share 30 years of good troublemaking we have done in our local and national communities with a gift to the Legacy Fund today.

We are $24,000 away from our $30K goal. 

Help preserve women’s and gender-diverse voices. Help us share the radical social and cultural cohesion we have helped build. Help us extend the work KPI has done through deep community engagement to cultivate more just and healthy communities. Help us publish and archive a treasury of 30 years well.

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