Our Collective Mother’s Day Video

Here is the video!

KPI’s Collective Mother’s Day Digital Ensemble included: Tina Howard, Adria Bernardi, Vicki Hudson, Simon Donovan, Kate Donovan, Carol Jurzyk, Nancy Sacco, Soma Mei Frazier & family, Jaime Schuhmacher & family, Eve Rifkin, Latrina Lewis, Tenecia Phillips, Lisa Bowden, Candace Opper, Joan Brodrik and their celebrants. Thanks for helping us raise the love vibration today.

Join us next year for the 2021 global tribute to honor Mothers of all shapes and forms.

Mother’s Day 2020 offers us a fortuitous moment to reflect on the myth of Kore (kor-ay), the Greek goddess of springtime, flowers, and vegetation after whom KPI is named. Perhaps better known as Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, Kore was pulled into the darkness against her will by Hades but emerges periodically back into the light. This return to life is made possible by her mother, whose deal with Hades allows Kore to revisit the world above. As we search for light of our own during this time of unprecedented darkness, Kore Press Institute encourages you to reflect on the mothers in your own life who have helped guide you through winter into spring, through struggle to innovation—be they birth or chosen mothers, mentors, beloved authors or artists, activist inspirations, geologic, or spiritual guides. Perhaps there are mothers of a failure that have turned into a gift of wisdom. Or a thing that needs nourishing in you. What ever creatrixes, creations, or things which remain unmanifest but drive or cling to you, do you have a song for them?

We invite you to participate in a historic & heart-centered event with KPI by contributing to a collaborative celebration of mothers, mothering energies and forms, from every angle of your heart and imagination!

Submit a 15-second video, audio, images, or text-based message. The collective video airs on May 10.

Here’s how to participate:

1. Make your simple tribute: to your mom, grandmother, maternal ancestor, or a chosen mother or mother-figure, your artistic or activist mother-muse or mentor, your geologic mother, spiritual hero, or that which (or whom) is desiring to be mothered or nurtured in you. Maybe your Shout Out is acknowledging someone (or something) for whom you have embodied the form or role of nurturer or creatrix; or maybe for you this is about an experience of maternal failings that have become gifts, for which you call in strength—the metaphors and yearnings that usher you through the dark into some light. Maybe your honoring is about an absence.

What pomegranate seeds do you wish to swallow to help you enter this Collective Chorus? The field is an open fertile space for your reflective, interpretative work.

2. Donate $15 for each tribute you wish to include in this digital card. Donate here.

3. Upload your files: videos and sound files are 15-seconds max. Dance homages, micro performance, or video shout outs (MP4); text-based messages (any file format), audio files (MP3), or still images (JPEGs) are all acceptable. Upload here.

4. Deadline: May 9th.

5. Publication dates: May 10, Mother’s Day (via the KPI website, social media, and email)!