Tracie Morris in Tucson

“As anyone who’s gone to the movies or a poetry reading or church in a Black neighborhood or an Indian neighborhood knows, we *talk back*. We must in order to make our own space in the performance, our own space in the world.”
—Kazim Ali

Kore Press brings artist, actor, experimental vocalist and scholar, Tracie Morris to Tucson, after an 8-year political hiatus, that she, along with many other performing artists, had initiated in response to SB1070 legislation.


This engagement offers opportunities for diverse communities to connect with one another across gender, race, and class differences and promote critical thinking about power inequities.

Tracie Morris performs vital work that explores diversity and class issues, using sound and performance to respond to the tumult in current national life. In An Evening with Tracie Morris, the artist will perform her sonically rich variation of a well-know Stanley Kubrick film, Eyes Wide Shut, injecting a black female perspective into a story where it does not exist. Morris’ work resonates with Southern Arizona’s long-standing commitment to its diverse citizenry, cultures and traditions.

Kore Press aims to raise public awareness about the power of art to inspire empathy, critical public dialog, and empower the strength of a just and civil society. This engagement offers opportunities for diverse communities to connect with one another across gender, race, and class differences and promote critical thinking about power inequities.

Embraced nationally by the literary and by the contemporary art world, Morris performs in museums like the MOMA, the Whitney, Guggenheim, DIA: Chelsea, the New Museum. The provocative dinner theater event in Tucson will take place on Friday, April 7, 5-9 pm, at the historic Scottish Rites Cathedral – a perfect local space for this unique vocal work of cultural commentary that raises questions about sound and culture, power and silence.

Versions of Morris’ performance can be found in her latest book, handholding: 5 kinds, (Kore Press 2016), a literary work which experiments with contemporary artists on race, gender, sexuality, class, power, and art.

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Tracie Morris is a poet, singer, critic, scholar, bandleader, and British and American-trained actor. She holds a PhD in Performance Studies from NYU. Her work has been presented at the Whitney, Ron Feldman Gallery, The New Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art and Dia: Chelsea and in dozens of musical recording projects. Her most recent book (Kore Press 2016) is handholding: 5 kinds (sonic, textual engagements). Tracie is Professor and Director of the MFA program in Performance + Performance Studies at Pratt Institute.