Cheryl Strayed Is Fed Up With Memoir-Bashing

This year’s judge of Kore Press’ 2nd Annual Memoir Award talks literary justice and more with Katherine Standefer (interview excerpt below)

“Cheryl Strayed is a feminist phenomenon, what with her dazzling, bestselling memoir Wild, and her wildly popular Dear Sugar advice column, which is now a bestselling book and a NY Times podcast. But unlike many famous authors who hit it big and immediately forget about everyone coming up behind them, Cheryl goes out of her way to support emerging literary feminists.
Case in point, she recently signed on to judge the annual Memoir Award for Kore Press, an innovative publisher of vital feminist work in my own gritty, wild, literary hometown of Tucson Arizona. I sat down recently to talk to Cheryl about literary justice and what we should be asking of our art in this political …”
Read the rest of Katherine Standefer’s interview with Cheryl Strayed here.