Postcards to the Future: A Protest in Place / HORRIFIC

OCTOBER 13, 2020

Kore Press Institute continues its feature focusing on the radical aesthetics of Black women writers from Letters to the Future: Black Women/Radical Writing, (edited by Erica Hunt and Dawn Lundy Martin, 2018). We are offering a thematic presentation/installation of work through January as a form of protest in place. KPI has been committed to publishing Black writers since its inception, and the Letters to the Future anthology compiles innovative, radical Black women whose work is both timeless and speaking to this historical moment. 

Across the months from summer 2020 through the election and into the New Year, we will continue to present work in various media (print-based text, audio clips, and visual art) reflected in the diverse array of work in the book and that we feel are on the pulse of today’s social movement. 

“In the second edition of this Postcards to the Future series we consider the idea of the Horrific, which follows Legacy and precedes Activism, Joy, and Future). Many of the contributors to the Letters to the Future anthology recognize horror, not as mythology but as an aspect of lived experience of their forebears, that continue to reverberate today. Negotiating and speaking to traumatic experiences through poetry can be cathartic, pointed, unresolved, jarring, healing. The driving force for many of the works that identify horror, is “telling the truth” and acknowledging/remembering those who have suffered and continue to suffer. Identifying horror is, in these works, an agent for socio-political change.”—Tracie Morris 

We hope this series of multimedia displays/compilations —Postcards to the Future—continues to give solace, energy, strength and a frame of reference for the activism and assertion of human rights for African-Americans and for us all. 
The KPI Postcards to the Future: Protest in Place team 

Tracie Morris, Lisa Bowden, Desiree Maultsby, Denise Uyehara, Dulce Botello, Casely Coan, Liz Burden, Tina Howard

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