Something else to be: Workshop w/ Chaun Webster, Feb 23

Something else to be: Zines & Other Forms Of Knowledge Production, A Generative Workshop with Chaun Webster

Kore Press, 325 W 2nd St, Rm 201, Tucson, AZ 85705
Cost: sliding scale $25-$74
Saturday, Feb 23rd from 9:00am-12:00pm

To sign up, email or use the paypal link on

Presented by Casa Libre and Kore Press, “Something else to be” is a zine workshop examining how this assertion of some other way of being from This Bridge Called My Back can be read as a “new subject position,” as Jodi Melamed puts it. lexis Pauline Gumbs describes:  “A Black feminist literary production occurred between 1970 and 1990 as the experimental creation of a rival economy and temporality in which Black women and children would be generators of an alternative destiny.” In this workshop we will look over several texts to discuss the possible meanings of this “something else”ness as it relates to alternative knowledge production in ‘zines. We will participate in the making of a collective zine to document the discussion.

Poet and graphic designer Chaun Webster draws from an interest in the work of sign in graffiti, the layering of collage, and the visuality of text. These methods are used in Webster’s work to investigate race – specifically the instability of blackness and black subjectivities, geography, memory, and the body. Correspondingly much of these investigations engage the question of absence, how to archive what is missing from the landscape particularly as a number of communities watch in real time, neighborhoods once populated with familiar presences, dissolve in the vernacular of redevelopment and its attendant colonial logic. Webster’s debut book, GeNtry!fication: or the scene of the crime, was published by Noemi Press April 2018.