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An Interview with Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Dressed in Sibilant Stentences & Rhymes   1. What was your last bite? A cup of chai, a buttery croissant with scrambled eggs. I am happy. 2. Tell us how poetry entered your life. Share something visual/aural to complement the telling. I began writing out of homesickness when I was about twelve years old. I

An Interview with Airea D Matthews

Candor is My Default Position   1. What was your last bite? I’m sure it was in February after I allowed someone else’s temper to get the better of me. And then my temper flared. And then my fangs surfaced. And then my bite broke skin. I regret it. The aftertaste stayed for weeks. 2.

An Interview with Minal Hajratwala

Skin. Muscle. Bone. Minal Hajratwala’s latest poetry collection, Bountiful Instructions for Englightenment, published by The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective, a collective for which she is a co-founder, randomly opens to “Worship at Guadalupe Creek,” and the second stanza reads: “ Let me lean/into your tongue’s/exquisite roam.” Alright now! And it concludes: “ Under the bridge, tequila/chants our

An Interview with Rachel McKibbens

Mammoth & Moxie: On Activism & Empathy   Change is in the air. Perhaps the change we sought back in 2008. The kind of change that requires things not going back to “normal.” Because that would not only betray the poets we love and respect speaking out, but all of us. Rachel McKibbens is one

An Interview with Metta Sáma

Mettasphere   Welcome to the Mettasphere! There is still oxygen to breathe, the weather is to your comfort, some days, and you need to tune your ear to a major note, sometimes unheard, sometimes heard all too much. Maybe it’s a beat sampled from an ancestral song, some psyche mash-up, but what we love about