Anna Osinska Krawczuk

Anna Osinska Krawczuk, Kore Press Author

Anna Osinska Krawczuk was born in Warsaw, Poland, to Ukrainian parents. In order to be accepted for immigration to the United States, her mother worked as a live-in cook while her daughters lived in an orphanage. Krawczuk joined the Women’s Army Corps in 1955 in Newark, New Jersey, at 18 years old, just after becoming an American citizen. She worked in a clerical capacity; part of her job was to run the film projector for officer briefings, some of which detailed the aftermath of liberated concentration camps. She was honorably discharged at age 21 and now draws from her time in the army for her poetry. In addition to Powder, Krawczuk’s writing has appeared in such publications as the Ukrainian Weekly.

Titles available from Kore Press

Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq

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