K.G. Schneider

K.G. Schneider, Kore Press Author

2003 saw the birth of Free Range Librarian: K.G. Schneider’s blog on librarianship, writing, and everything else, which remains a popular site among literary blog readers. In addition to her work in Powder, Schneider has been published in Gastronomica, White Crane, Nerve, Linux.com, IT Managers Journal, American Libraries, Library Journal, The Bottom Line, and Wilson Library Bulletin, among others. She works as Community Librarian at Equinox, the support and development company for Evergreen open-source library software, for which she also writes a blog.

Karen Schneider joined the Air Force at in 1983, began service as a jet engine mechanic, and two years later she was commissioned as an officer. She spent her career on tactical fighter aircraft. Schneider was not called into action for the first Gulf War; she volunteered to go. She would not join up to serve in this war, but she says she would go if she were still on active duty: she believes that service is often about obligation to your peers, not to the military.

Titles available from Kore Press

Powder: Writing by Women in the Ranks, from Vietnam to Iraq

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