Jane Miller

Jane Miller was the judge of Kore Press’ 2003 First Book Award, and chose Jennifer Barber’s Rigging the Wind as the winning poetry manuscript. Find Barber’s book here.

Jane Miller is Professor of English at the University of Arizona and a former director of the Creative Writing Program. Her recent publications include Thunderbird, a book-length sequence of short poems, and Midnights, poetry and prose poems published with Saturnalia Press as part of their artist/poet Collaboration Series, with visual art contributed by Beverly Pepper and an introduction by C.D. Wright. Her other recent work is the book-length sequence, A Palace of Pearls, which received the 2006 Audre Lorde Prize in Poetry. Jane is a recipient of a Wallace Foundation Writer’s Award for Poetry, as well as a Guggenheim Fellowship and two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships.