Role: Editorial

Ari Schill

Ari Schill (they/them) Newsletter Editor / Interviewer, is a Black, queer & gender expansive, multi-genre writer & facilitator who lives in Portland, OR. They use poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction to highlight themes including race, family and adoption, drawing on the intersectionality of gender and Blackness because they are inextricably connected. Ari believes in the importance of

Estella Gonzalez

Estella Gonzalez (she/her/hers) was born and raised in East Los Angeles which inspires her writing. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in Puerto del Sol and Huizache and have been anthologized in Latinos in Lotusland: An Anthology of Contemporary Southern California Literature by Bilingual Press and Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive

Ann Dernier

Ann Dernier (she/her/hers), Editor, currently on sabbatical. Ann served Kore in various and significant ways since 2004, from volunteer manuscript reader, to Grrls Literary Activism leader, to editorial midwife. She is the editor of The Best of Kore Press, 2012 Poetry, was director of the Tucson Writers’ Project at the Tucson Public Library, and a juried artist on