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Future with Quote by Erica Hunt

Postcards to the Future: Future / Introduction

“A future where everyone has dignity. Imagine that.”—Erica Hunt At the cusp of the light at the end of the tunnel, what is that just ahead? Is it a healthier, more caring world? Is it stasis, just entering another variation of this room we’re stuck in around the calendar bend, or is it a new thing, something

Postcards to the Future: JOY / giovanni singleton

In giovanni singleton’s mesotic, we see a specific source of joy for the writer, the luminous transcendental life and creation of musician and spiritual leader Alice Coltrane. Alice Coltrane: A Mesotic, by giovanni singleton                                          

Adjua Greaves large

Postcards to the Future: JOY / Adjua Greaves

In Adjua Greaves’ poem, “We Live on Earth Where Sex is Fuel,” we read about joy in the context of sexuality and nature as a loving partner in the full energy of passion as our existential fuel, from which we drive and derive, profound understanding.  We Live On Earth Where Sex is Fuel, 2012 “We

Duriel Harris - Joy

Postcards to the Future: JOY / Duriel Harris

We begin JOY with an audio clip of Duriel E. Harris discussing radical self-acceptance and knowing. This knowing acceptance includes shames, as an aspect of bringing ourselves to ourselves, including our body, by holding space for its understanding. This space and its holding are radical for the society in which we live.  Duriel Harris “Joy

Series Joy - Large

Postcards to the Future: Joy

What’s the point? In this section affirming radical activism we focus on the world and our place in it. What’s the point of “endless” struggle? What did our foremothers work for? Here we remember that the energy which drives us goes beyond acknowledging (or even overemphasizing) misery. It is to look to the future to