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An Interview with Hoa Nguyên

Being projection-able   What was your last bite? A nugget of raw cacao with blue green algae and dried goji berries. My older son just declared it “hippy candy.” Tell us about the origins of “Skanky Possum” Magazine. In 1996, my partner Dale Smith and I had moved to Austin, TX, from San Francisco where we

An Interview with Denice Frohman

Playgrounds & Piraguas   Poet, Activist, CantoMundo Fellow and native New Yorker Denice Frohman gets candid about privilege, otherness and why it’s important to “thank the women that came before you” just as we should “bring along the women that stand beside you.” Be sure to check out her debut album, Feels Like Home, in

An Interview with Rae Gouirand

ALL the Way Open   1. What was your last bite? The girl who made me fried chicken and waffles for breakfast. 2. Provide us with a 300-word lecture that is titled “Experience as Form, Grammar as Instinct.” I’ll take 20: There exists an infinity of sense for every expectation of syntax or sequence. Find

An Interview with Lorna Dee Cervantes

Beginning with Her…   1. What was your last bite? Ja! It’s been so long I don’t remember. I bit my lover in California a little too hard by accident. “The only thing I remember/ is the brush of my cat’s teeth/ when she tells me she loves me.” (from “Café Solo.”) 2. Provide us

An Interview with Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Dressed in Sibilant Stentences & Rhymes   1. What was your last bite? A cup of chai, a buttery croissant with scrambled eggs. I am happy. 2. Tell us how poetry entered your life. Share something visual/aural to complement the telling. I began writing out of homesickness when I was about twelve years old. I