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"Marquee" by Denise Uyehara

Notes from the Motherfield FAQs

Notes from the Motherfield FAQs (photo credit: a still from “Marquee” by Denise Uyehara) Q: What is Notes from the Motherfield? Notes is a storytelling platform and a movement of radical mothers dedicated to building community by telling the truth and listening to womens’ stories. Story-coaching, knowledge, and event support is shared by storytelling alumni and

Quilt Diary by Renee Angle

May 2020 Quilt Diary by Renee  Angle For the last six years, I’ve been embroidering things my children say on 8×8 blocks of  white muslin—in the hopes that the squares will eventually add up to a quilt top. They’re done quickly (one a day) to the point that I often compromise the look of things—will

Celebrate July Westhale’s Via Negativa in June: A Reading & Workshop

Join the celebration for July Westhale’s deliciously subversive Via Negativa: June 13 workshop & June 18 reading. Check out the starred review in Publishers Weekly. preorder here Pub date: June 15, 2020 July Westhale is a shapeshifting poet of desire and violence, grief and forgiveness, trauma and loss transformed by resilience. After her gorgeous debut Trailer Trash explored

Safe Spaces Online: KPI Teen Takeover

Insta Live: KPI Teen Takeover with the stunning and clear voices of teen thinkers, activists, and artists Melora and Piranha. Every other Saturday starting at noon MT. May 16, May 30, June 13, 27. On Instagram @kpiteentakeover and @korepress KPI Teen Takeover will be creating safe spaces during COVID-19 for LGBTQ+ teens, youth of color, and allies

Tips for Transgender Youth and Caregivers During Quarantine

Tips for Transgender Youth and Caregivers During Quarantine By GDI team members Lizette Trujillo and Em Bowen With the school year winding down but still very much in our midst, educators and caregivers of youth are now all too aware of the difficulties of navigating suddenly imposed remote schooling and life. Like their cis-gender counterparts,