Notes from the Motherfield

The Motherfield is a movement of radical mothers dedicated to telling complicated truths and listening. Story-coaching, knowledge, and support is shared by storytelling alumni and staff to continue building connections and communities of care for mothers through story telling.

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“Motherfield means strength, vulnerability and sisterhood. Seeing the Tucson community support and participate in a moving activity is life affirming, not to mention good for the soul.” -Estella Gonzales, Audience Member/KPI Volunteer

“It was a moment of sharing. Not only sharing my story but sharing my guilt, pain, anger, sadness, hopelessness, desire to do better/be better. Of sharing the burden I carry every single day.” -Tenecia Phillips, Storyteller/Emcee


“The Motherfield is a community of nurturers and survivors. They are warm, imperfect, empathetic, and strong. Their stories are about surviving, living, and loving.” -Estella Gonzales, Audience Member/KPI Volunteer

“It’s a very energizing, healing and empowering thing to go through, and to go through with a group of people that are all attuned to what you’re saying, at all points in the process.” -Rameen Ahmed, Storyteller


Storytelling alumnae and the KPI team carry the work of this project forward, building large communities of care through story-coaching, sharing knowledge, and event coordination. Practice sessions provide the support that enables storytellers to share whatever particular thread is near and dear to them; to give voice to those things they have encountered while mothering—the wild beauty, the thorny conundrum that doesn’t let go, the double-edged liberatory decisions, the stunning judgements.

“I would not and could not have participated without the support, training, gentle nudging and a safe place created by all the strong, dedicated, talented and skilled cadre of women ensemble. Trust, authenticity, dedication and mutual kindness enabled such a life-changing experience for me.” Rameen Ahmed, Storyteller

“It’s a very supportive group of women and I think the only reason I did agree to do it is I knew that there were enough folx that coach you, and help you tell your story. I knew that I was in good hands, that I would get support. Not only was it just a safe place to tell your story, but the feedback and the mentoring was really amazing.” Rameen Ahmed, Storyteller


“It was a space, a release, a moment of being seen that I didn’t even know I needed until it happened.” -Tenecia Phillips, Storyteller/Emcee


“We don’t have that much support for women as mothers, no matter what type. We just don’t. There’s such a big need for that. There’s not a lot of places where people share. Unless you’re a writer, or a poet, or a filmmaker, or something creative like that, there really isn’t a lot of discussion about motherhood, and all the various aspects of motherhood. There’s no one right way or wrong way, which is really important for other people to hear I think.” -Rameen Ahmed, Storyteller

“Motherfield provides a communal experience that creates its own empathetic energy that’s with you for days. We need Motherfield for our souls’ sake.” -Estella Gonzales, Audience Member/KPI Volunteer