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Zoom Event: KPI presents Teen Revolt with the stunning and clear voices of teen thinkers, activists, and artists Melora and Piranha.

Join the discussion in the Zoom room or sit back and listen on YouTube.

Contact the Teens: teentakeover@korepress.org

Piranha is an exploration of gender, trauma, and the imagination. They explore their mind’s obsessions and allow them to seep through their skin. Piranha is a trans person and activist whose artwork reflects this. They hope to create a platform for inquiry and visibility. You can see more of their work on their Instagram @piranha_queen.

Melora Hutcheson (she/her/hers) attends Tucson High School, where she will be a senior this Fall. Born in Florida, Melora has done quite a bit of moving around…before coming to Arizona, she has lived in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and North Carolina. She loves fashion, activism, travel and music. She’s had the opportunity to visit many places– China, Mexico, France, Spain and the UK. Melora is involved with Tucson Village Farm programs and in 2018 she performed her first vocal concert at The UofA Poetry Center. Melora helped organize the youth-lead March for Our Lives demonstration in Tucson. She is passionate about environmental issues, human rights, and social justice. She also enjoys just being a kid and spending time with friends, Netflix binging, and reading comics.