Anatomy of Desire by Lucinda Bliss and Alison Deming


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The Daughter/Mother Sessions
with introductory essay “Immanent Desire” by Faith Wilding

What might happen if an English professor, a powerful voice in modern poetry and creative nonfiction, conspired with her daughter, a visual artist and young mother, to articulate desire? The dialogue that ensues, in the words of Faith Wilding, “is an opening into fearsome and sublime territories, where home comforts and home truths are scarce; where ancient hierarchies and silences have been broken.”

Anatomy of Desire is a poetic dialogue between visual artist/daughter Lucinda Bliss and writer/mother Alison Deming about the nature of desire. The book construction reflects the revelation, femininity, and equality of the author’s dialogue. The cover of the portfolio features an image by Bliss—a long black slit, stitched across, the opening of which feels like an act of delicate undressing. “Immanent Desire,” the essay by Faith Wilding, is printed on a single, unbound folio of white, eighty-pound, vertically striated cover stock. Beneath the essay the spare, heartfelt, dialogue is printed on vertical facing pages, like panels of a French door. The printed conversation happens side by side, mother’s voice on the right, daughter’s on the left as if the two were speaking face to face.

Alison Hawthorne Deming

Alison Deming is the author of six books, including Science and Other Poems, The Monarchs: A Poem Sequence; a collection of essays,Temporary Homelands; and Girls in the Jungle: What Does It Take for a Woman to Survive as an Artist (chapbook/poster from Kore Press). She has edited Poetry of the American West: A Columbia Anthology. Among other awards, she has…

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Lucinda Bliss

Over the last fifteen years, Lucinda Bliss has exhibited her paintings and drawings widely in New England, the Southwest, and Chicago. Recent exhibits include The Ostrich Diaries and Other Stories at the Space in Portland, Maine,Filling in the Hole at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath, Exposing Scarlet at the Boston Center for the Arts, What’s Love Got to…

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