Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power by Audre Lorde; Photographs by Camille Bonzani


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“There are many kinds of power, used and unused, acknowledged or otherwise.” Thus begins this powerful essay; Uses of the Erotic defines the power of the erotic, names the process by which women have been stripped of this power, and considers how women can reclaim it.

Uses of the Erotic shines among Audre Lorde’s powerful legacy of speeches and essays, and has influenced feminist thinking for more than 15 years. The false dichotomies that Lorde debunks persist in our cultural imagination: the separation of the erotuc from the spiritual and political. Now, Kore Press brings this essay into stand-alone focus, reprinting it in a fine, handbound pamphlet illustrated with photographs by Tucson photographer Camille Bonzani.  Designed by book artist Nancy Solomon, the essay is offset and letterpress printed in an edition of 1000.

Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde was born in 1934 in New York to parents of West Indian heritage. She passed away in 1992, a victim of breast cancer. Her battle with the disease, which was chronicled in works like The Cancer Journals, was just one of many struggles she had to deal with in life. Lorde was a black homosexual female in a…

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