Trans Competency & Gender Allyship Training: Nov 10

Trans Competency, Gender Allyship & Empowerment Institute with July Westhale & Teré Fowler Chapman

{ for educators, community workers, family members }
Saturday, Nov 10, 8:30-12:30pm      
Please register in advance by November 5.                                                                                         
CITY Center for Collaborative Learning / 37 Pennington St, Tucson 85701                

K12 educators are uniquely positioned to intervene early in systemic bullying in the classroom, and to circumnavigate transphobia/transmisogynist thought before it takes root. If we operate from the understanding that systems produce the results they’re meant to, then not only is starting the process of deconstructing hate speech and violence early encouraged, it’s absolutely vital.

This half-day workshop seeks to introduce guiding concepts of empowerment for trans and gender creative youth in the K12 community and beyond. Focusing on education, allyship, advocacy, and competency, we will discuss, strategize, and learn methods for incorporating these tactics into classroom & social environments, as well as pedagogy, and includes a content-rich, experiential morning with morning beverages and snacks. The workshop will open with a Q&A with our panel of trans teens, educators, a parent, and community worker.

Learn gender / trans competency and trauma awareness, the importance of normalizing language, non-judgemental approaches, and advocacy.

Facilitated by July Westhale & Teré Fowler-Chapman, with panel coordination by Carol Brochin, and resource compiling / sharing by Russ Toomey.

Contact for updates on scholarship info. We are working on it!

Registration: $60
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July Westhale is a writer, activist, and educator who works in the greater Bay Area of California. She teaches trans competency and trauma awareness to medical students and professionals, stressing the importance of normalizing language, non-judgemental approaches, and advocacy. In her medical work, she emphasizes reducing patient anxiety during sensitive exams, as well as maintaining a gender-neutral atmosphere and deconstructing the stigma of reproductive health. In the classroom, she practices the Universal Design Learning model, which centers on creating education that is as accessible as possible, by making use of a broad range of media and tactics to include a wide demographic of students. She is a medical educator at UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Touro University, Sutter Health, Samuel Merritt College, and San Francisco State, and teaches humanities at Cogswell College and Los Medanos College.


Teré Fowler-Chapman Words on the Avenue’s founder, Teré Fowler-Chapman is a gender fluid writer, educator and assistant principle in Tucson—by way of sonoran desert | by way of boot’s bayou. This poet was the first African American executive director of the Tucson Poetry Festival. They took over their grandfather’s dream and published their first chapbook, Bread &, released by Hope Etcetera Press in Spring 2017. They are a National Arts Strategies’ Creative Community fellow, and a “Bettering American Poetry 2016” nominee. They are an educator, a wife, and a family man. You can find Teré or their work forthcoming or published in/on: Huffington Post, University of Arizona’s VOCA, University of Houston-Victoria’s Downtown Art Series, TEDxTucson, Tucson Weekly, Feminist Wire, Arizona Public Media’s PBS & NPR, KXCI National Radio Station, Literary Orphans & more.