2021 KPI Fellowships NOW Closed

Kore Press Institute 2021 Fellowships

The KPI 2021 Fellowships are now closed. Look for 2022 Fellowship information toward the end of 2021.

KPI Fellows:

  • work remotely approx 8 hrs/week or 32 hrs/month (KPI is closed in July and for various holidays)
  • do specific, project-based work with a beginning, middle and end
  • receive a $200/month stipend*
  • are part of the dynamic KPI team of staff, Fellows, Board members, Advisors, volunteers, and contractors;  and contribute to the overall connective tissue of an equity-centered, diverse KPI ecosystem, mission, and vision.

KPI is an intersectional feminist arts organization dedicated to creating more just and radically connected communities by amplifying women’s voices with literature, publishing, education, and innovative community engagement.

KPI does anti-racist, decolonizing, anti-homo/transphobic work to get at root causes of systemic oppression. Kore is one of the country’s longest running feminist presses.

* Stipends normally cover things like gas, parking, lunch, etc, and are offered for remote Fellowships as well. Stipened Fellows are not hourly employees.

2021 Fellowship positions:

Digital Publishing Fellow works with KPI’s digital media and related platforms (YouTube) and website, making contributions to archiving processes and various digital systems. The DM Fellow may work on digital communications, handle various media and tools for smooth information flow and storage. Tasks include website work, digital image and document handling, video and audio file management, and possibly media development if skills apply. Knowledge of Google Suites, Slack, Word Press, YouTube and general digital media and platforms is helpful. Meetings, collaborative team work, and good communication skills needed. Tech savvy, rad and organized? We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Publishing Fellow works with the publisher, editors, and marketing to support online and book publishing processes. The PF may do proofreading, copy editing, copy writing, copyright filing, manuscript handling, research, help track projects, author communications, marketing outreach. Knowledge of Google Suites, spreadsheets is helpful. Excellent writing and communication skills needed, love of books, and a desire to learn about indie small press publishing a must. Are you an organized word nerd with a social justice heart? We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Newsletter & Communications Fellow position has been filled.

To apply for 2022 positions: please wait until process reopens. Generally, applicants submit a resume, cover letter with three references, writing/work samples, and weekly availability to info@KorePress.Org. Interviews would follow.

Fellowships are ideal for mature students, college or graduate level applicants and other community members interested in a meaningful learning/work experience in an intersectional small, nonprofit (remote) environment with a small but mighty collaborative team. Commitment to intersectional social justice is a must! We’d LOVE to hear from you!