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Alexis V. Jackson Interview

Ari Schill interviewed poet Alexis V. Jackson this past fall on Zoom to talk about poetic practice and the back story to her first collection, My Sisters’ Country, selected by Erica Hunt for second place in the KPI Poetry Prize (2019). My Sisters’ Country comes out on Jan 31, 2022, from Kore Press. Ari Schill: I


GDI Interview: Rylee Carrillo

Where did the inspiration to start the GDI come from? I was not connected to Kore Press when the initial vision for the GDI came about but it seemed to begin with queer parents (as well as parents of trans youth) and educators who were frustrated with the prevalence of gendered structures in school infrastructure, policies,

Ruth Ellen Kocher

Postcards to the Future: Future / Ruth Ellen Kocher

Skit: MLK Jr. and Lieutenant Uhura Have Coffee and Cake, by Ruth Ellen Kocher “In this speculative excerpt, Kocher conflates the foreboding assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. with the hope of a brighter, more expansive future, entrusted to Afronaut Lieutenant Nyota Uhura.”  – Tracie Morris Below is an excerpt from an interview with author at KXCI

GDI Interview: Em Bowen

When you aren’t working hard for KPI, what are your favorite ways to find joy? I have come to love spending time in my body and intellect as a major source of joy. Favorite ways to find joy include but are not limited to: running, weight-lifting, learning new movement skills, and playing in general. Joy

GDI Interview: Tina Howard

Where did the inspiration to start the GDI come from? I am raising gender non-conforming children. I am in community with other parents doing the same. On several occasions my youngest was the subject of students questions/ challenges about her ‘sex’. This led to her feeling she needed to ‘prove’ she was a girl. She was told