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Alexis V. Jackson Interview

Ari Schill interviewed poet Alexis V. Jackson this past fall on Zoom to talk about poetic practice and the back story to her first collection, My Sisters’ Country, selected by Erica Hunt for second place in the KPI Poetry Prize (2019). My Sisters’ Country comes out on Jan 31, 2022, from Kore Press. Ari Schill: I

My Sisters’ Country by Alexis V. Jackson

Philly Poet Debut, A Womanist Mixtape of Multivocal Sister-Songs Alexis V. Jackson’s My Sisters’ Country NOW AVAILABLE Publication date: Jan. 31, 2022 All pre-orders ship on this date. ISBN: 978-1-888553-79-6, 104 pp., 6×9”, Paper,  $17.95  Category: Poetry See Ari Schill’s interview with Alexis here. Press Release Philadelphia-born, San Diego-based writer Alexis V. Jackson’s completely original debut