Notes from the Motherfield LIVE! Online / Dec 5

Saturday, December 5, 2020 on Zoom 6pm Tucson MT / 5pm PT / 8pm ET. This event is ASL interpreted. Accessibility for the Deaf and hard of hearing community thanks to Brandy Resnick and Kathy Murtaugh. Ticket sales closed at midnight Dec 4. Regular $20 / Discounted $15 / Gift-a-ticket $20 KPI will donate Gifted tickets to

Safe Spaces Online: KPI Teen Revolt

April 10th:  Join us as we discuss Toxic Positivity culture in this Teen Revolt. Check us out Live streaming on KPI’s YouTube via Zoom (sign up for the link, below). Videos available afterwards on YouTube and Instagram @kpiteentakeover and @korepress. KPI Teen Revolt is creating safe spaces during COVID-19 for LGBTQ+ teens, youth of color, and allies every other

Postcards to the Future: HORRIFIC / Julie Patton

In this collage, visual artist, poet and performer Julie Patton shows a literal “world view” of the primordial mermaid who also sees the bones of Black people in the depths of the Atlantic.                       “This work is so pertinent to historically tied fins, souls tangled

Postcards to the Future: HORRIFIC / Metta Sama

In this poem Metta Sama presents a series of impactful statements on race in everyday life that, in the aggregate, convey the aggression of supremacist/bullying performative utterances.   WhyWeCan’tHaveNiceThings# I am terribly aggrieved about Atticus Finch being outed as a racist. I’d rather remember the good he did. Team Atticus! Saying that The Khaleesi is

Postcards to the Future: HORRIFIC / Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves

In this untitled poem, Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves pulls the lens on racial violence all the way back to explore the notion of “intra” racial violence, killing among members of the human race, identifying many of the differences we see as rationales to violence as even smaller than they are in our home on this

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