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LA Liminal closely examines what lies beneath the “glatzy” spectacle of Los Angeles. Through the x-ray eyes of a failed Hollywood hopeful, with the advantage of distance and a sharp tongue, the reader gets a guided tour through an internalized, apocalyptic landscape. Transitional places and phases are imagined as both frightening and ripe, capable of producing a space where anxiety and creativity co-habit in the narrated realm of the speaker. Readers will enjoy the dryly personal tone, surprising refractions of language, acute sense of metaphor, and humor. Armed with these, Becca Klaver’s probing meditations and acerbic wit poke a careful hole through the scummy, glittering surface, to put a cocktail-ringed finger right on the humanity beneath it, until LA functions not just as synecdoche for country and national identity, but becomes a trope for personal identity, and more specifically, a feminine identity rebuilt from the wreckage of failure.

Praise for LA Liminal

“This is really exciting material. Becca Klaver grabs my attention with her use of the city of Los Angeles, and surreal, hyperreal, and reel/ real imagery. This is quite a ride!” — Jane Miller

Becca Klaver

Becca Klaver, Kore Press Author

Becca Klaver was born in Milwaukee and is a first-year fellow in Literatures in English PhD Program at Rutgers University. For two year, she was a Poet-in-Residence at the Poetry Center of Chicago’s Hands on Stanzas Program and is the founding editor for women’s press, Switchback Books. She was inspired for her book LA Liminal, while attending University of Southern California. Recent work appears in Coconut, Copper Nickel, The Hat, No Tell Motel and the anthology DIAGRAM III. Her chapbook, Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape, was published by the Graying Ghost Press.

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