Mother’s Day Collective Video Tribute


1. Donate $15 for each tribute you compose to be included in Kore’s Collective Mother’s Day Video.

2. Compose your tribute: Be it for a bio mom, grandmother, ancestor, or a chosen mother or mother-figure, your artistic or activist mother-muse or mentor, your geologic mother, or spiritual hero. Or, maybe your shout out is to that which (or whom) is desiring to be mothered or nurtured in you. Perhaps your shout out wishes to acknowledge someone (or something) for whom you have embodied the form or role of mother; or an honoring of your maternal failings that have become gifts—the metaphors and yearnings that have ushered you through the dark into some light.

This is a collective homage to all Mothering-energies in all the forms!

3. Upload your files: videos must be 15-seconds max of shout outs, dance homage, or micro performance (MP4); text-based messages, audio files (MP3), or a still image (JPEGs) are all acceptable.

4. Deadline: May 5th.

5. Publication dates: Kore will create the collective video montage of all submissions for pre-release on May 8th during the Motherfield event, and on Mother’s Day to the public (KPI website, social media, and email, to you).



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