Tell Me More by Brenda Ueland; Artwork by Cynthia Miller


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Although she was one of the most prolific feminist writers of the twentieth century (six million published words), Brenda Ueland had only two books published during her 93-year lifetime. More than 140,000 copies of one of those books, If You Want to Write, have been sold by Graywolf Press since Ueland’s death in 1985. The rest of her writing includes articles, essays, and a newspaper column that ran for 30 years in the Minneapolis Times.

Tell Me More: On the Fine Art of Listening is accompanied by the work of Tucson painter Cynthia Miller. Her paintings recall folk art, furniture, and colors that sing. She listens.

Brenda Ueland

Brenda Ueland, Kore Press Author

Brenda Ueland was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota (October 24, 1891). Brenda attended Wells and Barnard colleges, receiving her baccalaureate degree from Barnard in 1913. After a brief newspaper career as the first woman reporter on the Minneapolis Tribune and a stint on the St. Paul Daily News, Ueland moved to New York City. In 1930 Ueland returned to Minneapolis where she continued to write. Brenda Ueland died on March 5, 1985.

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