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The Range of Possibilities offered by the Dream World by Lillian Bertram

Postcards to the Future: Future / Lillian Yvonne Bertram

The Dream World is a place she can reach through her own body  by Lillian Yvonne Bertram “In this section Lillian-Yvonne Bertram engages the slippages between poetics, literary criticism and

Ruth Ellen Kocher

Postcards to the Future: Future / Ruth Ellen Kocher

Skit: MLK Jr. and Lieutenant Uhura Have Coffee and Cake, by Ruth Ellen Kocher “In this speculative excerpt, Kocher conflates the foreboding assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. with the hope

Future with Quote by Erica Hunt

Postcards to the Future: Future / Introduction

“A future where everyone has dignity. Imagine that.”—Erica Hunt At the cusp of the light at the end of the tunnel, what is that just ahead? Is it a healthier, more

GDI Interview: Em Bowen

When you aren’t working hard for KPI, what are your favorite ways to find joy? I have come to love spending time in my body and intellect as a major

GDI Interview: Tina Howard

Where did the inspiration to start the GDI come from? I am raising gender non-conforming children. I am in community with other parents doing the same. On several occasions my youngest