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My Sisters’ Country by Alexis Jackson

Philly Poet Debut, A Womanist Mixtape of Multivocal Sister-Songs Alexis V. Jackson’s My Sisters’ Country Publication date: Jan. 31, 2022 ISBN: 978-1-888553-70-6, 104 pp., 6×9”, Paper,  $17.95  Category: Poetry Press Release Philadelphia-born, San Diego-based writer Alexis V. Jackson’s completely original debut poetry collection My Sisters’ Country is due out from Kore Press in January 2022. Jackson

Poet, Author, Guggenheim Recipient: An Interview with Tracie Morris

Tracie Morris, poet, author & Guggenheim recipient talks about her new book, her creative process and film inspiration. This interview was conducted by Ari Schill, Newsletter Editor and content developer with KPI. Ari Schill is an educator & writer who loves reading poetry & talking to authors. Ari Schill:  I want to start by saying


GDI Interview: Rylee Carrillo

Where did the inspiration to start the GDI come from? I was not connected to Kore Press when the initial vision for the GDI came about but it seemed to begin with queer parents (as well as parents of trans youth) and educators who were frustrated with the prevalence of gendered structures in school infrastructure, policies,

M. NourbeSe Phillip

Letters to the Future: Future / M NourbeSe Philip

The Declension of History in the Key of If, and Extensions of Time and Place, by M. NourbeSe Philip Here, M. NourbeSe Phillip’s considers the archives’ use as a prism through which the future is called upon, called to. She affirms that aliveness is not only unfixed in place/time, but patiently waits in folds to be

Postcards to the Future: Future / Adrienne Kennedy

Adrienne Kennedy In her supple and sincere commitment to words and their worlds, Adrienne Kennedy asserts the profundity of the first impression of words as meaningful onto the child’s mind.  – Tracie Morris letter to sixteen year old It is crystal clear a person has to be in love with writing. writers culture. in order to