Joy Harjo / One day I did not know what to do with my anger

Joy Harjo June 1, 2020 This last week has been one of failures, facing my own poor communication skills (why do you think I was given this path of words?!), rifts and coming together in family, a mulberry tree, and tending to the wounded sacredness of our family, community, this earth. One day I wondered

tanner menard / Mitigating sorrow in the midst of confusion.

We are all asking ourselves the question & by question mean we are all asking ourselves questions. Personally moral indignation gives way. Indignation gives way to a sort of sleep in the lower part of the spine & what of the seafloor & the way it washes up healing the feet with microbes. We don’t

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Kore Press Institute stands with those seeking justice, equality, and change. We stand against police brutality, white supremacy, and the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many other black Americans before them. Books can be a vehicle for change. We encourage our non-Black community to join us in actively participating

July Westhale Reading w/ TC Tolbert: Zoom & Live Stream June 18

July Westhale & TC Tolbert Reading Join the celebration for Westhale’s deliciously subversive new collection, Via Negativa! Thursday June 18, 6:30pm on Zoom & FB Live stream. Proceeds support the Black community. July Westhale is a poet, translator, and essayist living in Oakland, CA. She is the author of Via Negativa, Trailer Trash (winner of the 2016 Kore Press

"Marquee" by Denise Uyehara

Notes from the Motherfield LIVE FAQs

Notes from the Motherfield LIVE FAQs (Photo credit: a still from “Marquee,” performed by Denise Uyehara for the May 2020 show) Q: What is Notes from the Motherfield? Notes is a storytelling platform and a movement of radical mothers dedicated to building community by telling the truth and listening to other womxns’ stories. Based on Kore’s online essay series

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