Postcards to the Future: LEGACY Yona Harvey

In this poem by Yona Harvey, the idea of Legacy is underscored not only through oppression but the enduring spirit of Black womanhood in power connecting to her primordial spirit. 

Postcards to the Future: LEGACY Erica Hunt inheritance

Excerpts from Erica Hunt’s introduction to Letters to the Future: Black Women / Radical Writing. Angle, Defy Gravity, Land Unpredictably By Erica Hunt The future is a slippery project. What

Niki Herd / George Floyd And The White Gaze

Now That Another Black Body Has Been Laid to Rest: George Floyd And The White Gaze by Niki Herd I don’t know who George Floyd is yet, but I am

Joy Harjo / One day I did not know what to do with my anger

Joy Harjo June 1, 2020 This last week has been one of failures, facing my own poor communication skills (why do you think I was given this path of words?!),

tanner menard / Mitigating sorrow in the midst of confusion.

We are all asking ourselves the question & by question mean we are all asking ourselves questions. Personally moral indignation gives way. Indignation gives way to a sort of sleep

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