Jewed ‘I-Hoi/Earth Movements by Ofelia Zepeda


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In Jewed ‘I-Hoi/Earth Movements,MacArthur award-winning poet, linguist and language preservationist Ofelia Zepeda narrates eleven poems and an introductory talk in English and her native Tohono O’odham. This billingual audio CD comes with a chapbook, hand sewn into letterpress printed covers and packaged in a red clay-colored folder with cloth ribbon. Zepeda’s poems explore the poignant differences between her parents’ lives and her own life as a contemporary O’odham. Hearing her gentle voice embrace the old O’odham words is a unique and profound pleasure. 

Excerpt from Earth Movements:“Riding the Earth”

She said she felt the earth move again.
I never knew whether she meant she felt a tremor
or whether it was the rotation of the earth.
I like to think she felt the rotation, because
anyone can feel a tremor.

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Ofelia Zepeda

Ofelia Zepeda is a member of the Tohono O’odham tribe. She was born in the rural farming community of Stanfield, Arizona. Her parents’ families are originally from O’odham villages in Sonora, Mexico. Her poetry reflects both worlds, that of her parents, and her own as a contemporary O’odham. Her first collection of poems, Ocean Power: Poems from the Desert, reflects her experiences growing up with her daily life being influenced by the desert landscape and weather.

Ofelia is a professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona, teaching courses on the O’odham language, American Indian linguistics and language education, and creative writing for native speakers of southwestern Indian languages. She won the prestigious MacArthur Award in 1999 for her work toward maintaining native languages.

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